An underwear company changing the world, one sexy thong at a time.

The Office of Eden from WearPACT on Vimeo.

PACT is more than just a underwear company selling sexy thongs and boxer briefs.

PACT’s motto is: “Change starts with your underwear.” Underwear is something most of us wear everyday. Every PACT underwear is participating in a social movement. With every underwear purchase, its consumer supports organic cotton farmers and responsible businesses that are involved with making a positive impact in the world.

Photo: PACT

Their underwear is made from the highest quality of organic Turkish cotton. Each garment is laced with 5% elastane providing the perfect amount of stretch. Not only is it designed by world-renown designer, Yves Behar, it’s constructed to be worn everyday.

Wearing PACT underwear will leave you feeling completely sustainable and responsible. They are also shipped in reusable fabric bags.

Feeling good yet? Wait till you try them on.

When you purchase a pair of PACT underwear, 10% of the proceeds goes towards Forest Ethics, 826 National, Oceana, or Global Green USA

Change into new pair of PACT’s, and help the world while you’re at it.

Cost: $18 | Where to buy: PACT