THIS IS GoPro Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman. He wanted a product that did something specific for him, so he got creative. He started small, and he failed several times. Now his product is ubiquitous, right across some of the biggest companies in the world, down to the little itty bitty private consumer.

I’m what one may consider late to the party. I just picked up a GoPro Hero 3 Black this week for an upcoming roadtrip to Utah. I’m gonna be rock climbing, rafting, canyoneering, biking, hiking, and god knows what else you can get up to there, and I want to capture it all. As I’ve been fiddling with it over the past couple of days — figuring out settings, how to control it with my smartphone, how the mounts work — I’ve been falling in love with it. I get it. It’s not really hard to, considering many of my (and probably your) favourite videos on YouTube are shot with GoPros. Now, let’s see what I can actually do with it.

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