A recently released simplified computer is aimed at people over 60 who feel uncomfortable with regular PCs.

According to BBC News, this new desktop, called SimplicITy, was created in a collaboration between Wessex Computers and television presenter Valerie Singleton, and uses a custombizable Linux operating system. SimplicITy has just six buttons which help users unfamiliar with tasks like checking email, chatting, and storing files.

This PC also comes with 17 video tutorials for additional help presented by Ms. Singleton herself, who claims to be shocked by the number of senior citizens without computers (6.4 million over 65 have never been online, according to a survey in August 2009 by the Office for National Statistics).

Some folks are excited about this effort to help the elderly, but others are sure to find it offensive. (And with an email system called “Eldy”, it’s not hard to see why).

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