GoPro Hero 2 testing from Shon Bollock on Vimeo.

Matador athlete Shon Bollock takes the new GoPro Hero 2 on a test run down the upper Sacramento River.

THE GOPRO is, simply put, a dope product. We used one during recent filming in Patagonia, and I think it was the most fun I’ve ever had with a camera.

The recently released HERO 2 improves on the original camera with 11 megapixel photo capability. They just keep getting more usable and more sophisiticated. In February, GoPro will be releasing a new product called the Wi-Fi BacPac. From the site:

The Wi-Fi BacPac attaches to your HD HERO2 camera to enable long range video remote control via the Wi-Fi Remote or a smartphone, tablet, or computer running a free GoPro App. Waterproof and durable, the Wi-Fi Remote enables complete control of up to 50 HD HERO2 cameras at a time.

When paired with the Wi-Fi BacPac, the HD HERO2 also supports live video streaming and remote control via smart-devices, computers and the Web wherever Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot is present. Record one video stream to your HD HERO2′s SD card while sending a second video stream via Wi-Fi to your smart-device, computer or the Web.

Anyway, check out these early test images taken by Shon Bollock. He wrote, “while trying out some new mounting arms back home in Mt. Shasta, I took the Hero 2 on a few low water Sims Falls laps on the Upper Sacramento. Nothing spectacular but if there is anything I have learned it’s not to test anything new on a run you are not familiar with.” Enjoy.