Today’s book recommendation comes from Matador Pulse editor and community member, Eva Holland.

Jan Morris is quite possibly the greatest travel writer of our time – and certainly among the all-time greats.

This collection was one of the first pure “travel” books I ever read, but it hasn’t become any less relevant and fabulous in all the time (and plenty of reading I’ve done) since.

The essays in here span Morris’ entire storied career, from her big break, at Everest Base Camp for the Hillary expedition, to her thoughts on Hong Kong’s return to Chinese control at the end of the last century.

They’re organized chronologically, subdivided by decade and region, and all of them showcase her remarkable ability to key in on the character of a new city, or to bring an entire country and its people to life.

An absolute must-read for aspiring travel writers, or anyone who enjoys the finest writing about place.

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