Today’s travel book recommendation comes from Matador community member Samuel.

London to Sydney the Hard Way…This was one of the first travel books I read and after a library’s worth of reading, it still remains one of my favorites.

With pitiful funds but plenty of determination, Peter sets off on an 8 month trip overland from London to Sydney.

This journey takes him through 25 countries, meeting incredible people, partaking in (usually) risky activities and generally having a good time. He visits the front line in war-torn Bosnia, the opium fields of Laos and even manages to make his way into the heavily guarded Tibet.

By traveling as cheaply as possible, he meets locals within their element and experiences it all as a true independent traveler.

This is traveling as it should be…no sheltering in posh hotels and viewing the country through a haze of “tourist sites”. He gets into the soul of each country he passes through and allows us a glimpse in a humorous and insightful manner.

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