Designer Dominic Wilcox was commissioned by the Global Footprint Project in Northamptonshire to create a functional prototype of shoes that give you directions anywhere in the world. As you’ll see from the video, a LED light display on the toe of the right shoe indicates the direction you’re supposed to travel, and LEDs on the toe of the left shoe indicate the distance you have remaining to travel.

With Wilcox’s GPS shoes, just input your destination on the computer, click “upload” to send to your kicks, open the door, and hit the bricks. Although I think I’d personally prefer to upload directions via a mobile app and am not sure I’d want to be looking down at my toes for directions every couple of minutes, conceptually these are really slick. The leather shoes were fabricated by Stamp Shoes, a local Northamptonshire shoemaker, and technology integration for the project was handled by Becky Stewart (the GPS unit is contained within the heel of the shoe). Now Northamptonshire, traditionally a shoemaking town, has a new homegrown innovation to be proud of, and shoemaker bragging rights for years to come.

Question of the day: After living in Taiwan for 1.5 years, I still get myself turned around and lost walking through Taipei Main Station. I could definitely use these to navigate the underground malls of the MRT system. Where would you use these GPS shoes to keep yourself from getting lost?