You’ve rolled up your clothes into tube-like shapes to save space and to (ironically) prevent wrinkling, only to unroll them and find unattractive creases running all over the fabric.

It’s probably time to add a simple wrinkle-free spray to your toiletry kit. With just a few spritzes of liquid sprays like the Lewis N. Clark Wrinkle Free Spray, wrinkles practically vanish (well, the liquid relaxes the fabric’s fibers) within minutes.

I usually pack a small can on my travels to maintain a clean, fresh look while on the road. And at just 3-oz per can, they pass through TSA security without incident.

The spray also reduces static and removes lint and odors. It is recommended for use on only colorfast, natural fabrics to avoid color runs.

Now you can bring those linen pants along and with the spray’s ease of use and quality of results, you may very well ditch your home iron and use it permanently.

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