This suitcase-scooter combo will ensure that you make your flight on time…or injure yourself spectacularly in the process.

Feature photo by joiseyshowaa

We’ve all had to run for a flight at some point. Isn’t there was a better way? Wait…now there is!

*cue audience applause*

Seriously, this is one of those 3am infomercial inventions that borders that line between useful (albeit geeky), and just laughable. Brought to our attention by the folks at Gadling, the Micro Mobility Trolley Scooter combines a lightweight scooter with a solid piece of Samsonite luggage.

I can’t seem to find specs on the Trolley Scooter, but judging from the photo, you can fit a decent amount for an overnight trip. Aside from the craziness that would probably ensue whipping this out at the airport, this idea does have merit. Between the attached suitcase and a decent backpack, you’re good to go on a hostel hunt. Motorize it and I might be sold.

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