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Speaking Boricua!

Sure, learning a language can get you closer to a culture, but mastering its local lingo can speedtrack you right into its heart.

That’s what the Speaking Boricua! series accomplishes.

Penned by Jared Romey, an American expat who has lived in Chile, Argentina, and Puerto Rico; Jared has compiled the unique words and phrases of Puerto Rican Spanish into two books which we will be giving away.

We will pick two winners and both winners will receive copies of the following books: Speaking Boricua! (Puerto Rico) and Speaking Phrases Boricua! (Puerto Rico).

Be sure to check out Matador review’s of Speaking Boricua! (Parts One & Two) as well as Jared’s 6 Tips for Sounding Like a Local.


@photogjenn and @catauskali.

We’ll be contacting them directly to send them copies of the books.

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