As part of the Matador Twitter contest, we will be spotlighting cool gear we’ll be giving away to lucky readers.
Sumo Backpack Satchel

This bag may seem small in appearance, but true to its name, the Sumo will swallow whatever you toss inside!

The shoulder straps on this backpack are also used as bag compression and tote carrying handles.

Keep your watch, phone, rings, and other small items easy to find by storing them in the internal mesh pocket near the top of the bag.

Caught in a monsoon? Your gear will stay safe and dry, protected by welded seams and waterproof fabric.

The Sumo Backpack is available in apple red, black, orange, and raft blue.


@JeffMarkman – “My wife and I would use this to protect all manner of valuables from the weather while hiking, camping, and world traveling.”

We’ll be contacting him directly to send him the Sumo Backpack Satchel.

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