1. Be strategic about food. Anything that goes out with you either needs to be consumed or brought back out of the desert with you. I would recommend planning every meal before you go shopping and bringing things that compress well or burn.

2. Water! Plan on each person in your group drinking a gallon of water per day. Yes, a gallon per day per person is a shit-ton, but if you are not constantly drinking water you will get dehydrated.

3. Booze – Booze is good, usually better cold so don’t forget #16 (coolers+ice). If you bring beers, it’s better to bring cans.

4. Eats – you want to bring things that are easy to prepare and have a lot of calories and protein…there might be days where you only get one real meal.

5. The more ‘preparing’ you can do at your house before Burning Man, the better. , For example, t’s great to BBQ a bunch of chicken breasts before you leave and seal them up in ziplocks to be frozen in the cooler.


1. Bike – absolutely essential. Burning Man is massive and you will want to go and do things that are very far away from each other.

2. A flashpack — this is a small backpack that can literally be rolled up and stuffed in your pocket, but also be unrolled and used to carry dozens of cold beers around the playa.

3. A camelback hydration system – this will be nice to have during the day when you’re cruising around on you bike. *Putting margaritas in it at night can be dangerous.*

4. CameraBurning Man is a very photogenic place. You will get amazing shots if you always have your camera on you. Make sure to bring a few ziplock bags with it to ensure it’s not affected by the dust.

5. Headlamp – critical for finding things at night in your camp and riding a bike at night.

6. Crazy Creek camping chair – this is nice to have if you’re going deep in the playa and might want to sit down and chill somewhere for a while.


1. Extension cords and power strips.

2. Duct tape, zip ties, bungee cords.

3. A small sledge hammer to put in your extra-long tent stakes.

4. Rope.

5. Hand-help vacuum. If you have one, bring it. If you have an RV, bringing a full sized vacuum is not a bad idea.

6. A rake – for combing through sand and keeping your camp clean.


1. Sun block – even if you’re going for that deep, dark, Black Rock Desert tan, bring some high SPF for your face and shoulders. The sun is eff-ing hot.

2. Ear plugs. Burning Man doesn’t stop when you do, so if you’re a light sleeper it’s a good idea to bring some.

3. One-ply toilet paper for use at your camp’s local porto’s.

4. Basic dop kit – tooth brush, toothpaste, razor, etc.

5. Lip balm – preferably with sunblock in it.

6. Towels – bring a few per person; they will get dirty fast.

7. Lotion, or aloevera post-sun burn stuff.

8. Eye drops – the wind and dust can be hard on the ojos.

9. Solar shower – these are great since your only other options for cleaning off are a shower in an RV or stripping down and chasing one of the non-potable water trucks that spray the playa during the day.

10. Smokes and Gum! You can’t just run down to the gas station to get either one and both of these can be constantly gifted. Both are crowd pleasers.

11. Multiple bottles of hand sanitizer.