Today’s recommendation comes from Matador Video Editor joshywashington, who recently sat down with Melissa Rossi, a special correspondent for Newsweek and author of the recently published What Every American Should Know About the Middle East.

What every American (and Traveler!) should know about the Middle East from Matador Network on Vimeo.

As the bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas appears to be ending, it leaves many people scratching their heads. How did it come to this? Who’s to blame? What must we do?

I recently sat down with author, journalist and world traveler, Melissa Rossi to try to understand the history of the Gaza conflict and its deeper implications.

What Every American Should Know About The Middle East is Rossi’s 5th book aiming to educate and empower through information. She is a timely tour guide into one of the most complex and important regions in the world, laying history, politics, Western military intervention and religion bare with anecdote and personal insights.

Rossi’s direct and knowledgeable perspective is greatly informed by her wide travels. Melissa has visited most European countries and has lived in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium and currently lives in Thailand.

As a traveler and a citizen I felt grateful to better understand what has led to such a desperate situation in the Middle East. What Every American Should Know About The Middle East addresses such topics as;

    Why the U.S. is turning the Persian Gulf into an armed fortress.

    What resource is more important than petroleum in regional power plays.

  • What’s really behind the fighting between Sunni and Shia.
  • How Saudi Arabia inadvertently feeds the violence in Iraq and beyond.
  • Which countries are modern, forward-thinking, stable and increasingly democratic.
  • How monarchies like those in Jordan and Qatar are more open and progressive than the so-called republics.

At $10.88 on I would recommend that all citizens of the world who are tired of being in the dark on Middle East power play pick up a copy, and share it with friends.