Every indie-rocker’s favorite chanteuse, Maria Taylor shares her must-have tour items with Matador Goods.

Photo of Maria Taylor courtesy of shinealightnyc

Martin Acoustic Guitar


In case I need to write a song or sing myself to sleep.

CHI Hair Straightener

Because I’m over the curls for now.


Because it’s crack to me.

Mac Book Laptop

Because I need to be connected to the world wherever I am.

Target Socks and Underwear (From the kids’ department)

So people around me don’t get mad.

Cargo Under-Eye Concealer and Eyeliner

So I can pretend like I’m younger.

Relpax Headache Medicine


For my hangovers or my unrelated migraines.


Can never have too much Vitamin C…actually, my friend OD’d on Vitamin C once.

A bottle of Sonoma Valley Cabernet

To keep me warm and happy.


To keep me warm and happy.

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