ALL MY LIFE, I was told that if I made a promise to someone, the right thing to do was keep it. But while growing up, I noticed that there are so many people who make promises, and never deliver. They leave others disappointed, heartbroken, angry, or let down. It’s the worst feeling when I break a promise to someone I care about, but also when someone breaks a promise to me.

But what if we just did what we said we would do? Is it really that hard to make other people a priority in our life? Or even ourselves — if we promise to eat better, not get blackout drunk, or to call our loved ones more often? I really admire the Because I Said I Would campaign, because I think it can really make an impact on how we treat each other. Like a any type of goal, people can start small and build up to a routine. But the important thing, is to start.

If you’d like to consider donating to Because I Said I Would, you can check out their IndieGoGo campaign. If you don’t have the extra cash, you can still participate in your own personal way.

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