WHEN I WAS a kid, all I wanted to do was visit the drive-thru safari at Six Flags Great Adventure. What would be better than wild monkeys climbing on my car? As an adult however, I realize how dangerous those kinds of experiences actually are — as well as how many monkeys must die each year from stupid people running them over.

I’m surprised that there is an attraction like this near Yellowstone National Park. I’m not sure exactly how it’s run (the website for Yellowstone Bear World isn’t totally informative, and the reviews on Yelp! are mixed), but if a bear has the ability to be right next to a car and open a door with the single clutch of its paw, maybe it should be regulated a little better? I mean, I feel like there is a reason why animals are kept at a far distance when you see them at the zoo…

Feature photo: John Drake

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