10 Commandments for Dating Someone From Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Travel
by Tonya Lambert Dec 6, 2016

1. Thou shalt cheer for the Roughriders.

Whether they are leading the league or haven’t won a game all season. Green and white clothing is a must for game days -– and maybe even a watermelon helmet!

2. Thou shalt acknowledge that Deadpool is the coolest anti-hero ever.

This crazy comic character is from the provincial capital of Regina.

3. Thou shalt grow to love the changing skies.

The provincial slogan is “land of the living skies” for a reason. Whether you go for a weekend drive in the country or a romantic evening walk, the vast expanse of prairie sky with endless stars, constantly shifting cloud cover and spectacular lightening displays will never cease to amaze you.

4. Thou shalt not say the province is flat.

Well, unless you’re in the south where it often is. The rest is either rolling hills and parkland or rocky outcrops and boreal forest. And don’t forget the lakes! There are over 100,000 of them. In the summer, don’t be surprised if date night sees you out on the water with your fishing gear or your water skis!

5. Thou shalt eat perogies, cabbage rolls, and sausage.

This is great as an ordinary meal or as a romantic dinner… especially when served with some Lucky Bastard vodka and Saskatoon berry pie for dessert.

6. Thou shalt sit around many campfires.

A campfire beats a fancy restaurant any day. No Saskatchewan summer would be complete without at least one evening spent around the campfire roasting wieners and marshmallows and drinking beer.

7. Thou shalt love hockey.

When the snow flies, every night is hockey night! Date night in the winter will probably see you at the local hockey arena. Saskatchewanians take their hockey very seriously and every boy dreams of playing in the NHL someday… and many do. Per capita, Saskatchewan has produced more hockey players than anyplace else in the world. Gordie Howe, Glenn Hall, Wendal Clark, Brian Trottier, etc. the list goes on and on.

8. Thou shalt also love curling.

Winter evenings not spent at the local hockey rink will be spent at the curling rink next door. Team up with another couple. It’s great fun!

9. Thou shalt call a hooded pullover a bunnyhug.

When the weather starts to cool in the fall, your partner may offer to give you a bunnyhug to wear. When you put it on, you will feel all cozy and warm… like you are being hugged by cute, cuddly bunny!

10. Thou shalt prepare for any type of weather.

In the summer, temperatures in Saskatchewan can soar up to +35C while, in the winter, they can drop to -40C! You will need everything from bikinis to bunnyhugs, tank tops to tuques… preferably in green and white, of course!

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