GAME OF THRONES is set to once again dominate our television screens this year. I was lucky enough to hike on a glacier in Iceland where many parts of the show are filmed, but this video revealed to me many more unknown facts about where the show is shot, the animals used to play the direwolves, and of course, the show’s use of nudity, and soft core porn.

Culturally, Game of Thrones has changed the way we think about science fiction, and fantasy. I think it’s the first show I’ve ever seen that I don’t “trust” (meaning, it’s hard to invest myself in any single character, because they could die in the next episode).

It hass created new words, new memes, and a whole new way of traveling to places that seem so foreign, and yet, are the setting for where where King Joffrey got bitch slapped by his badass uncle, Tyrian Lannister. I’m not sure where season four will take me, but if there is more of that, yes please.

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