Photo: kris krüg

10 Things That Delight a Vancouverite

by Shannon Lythgoe Mar 2, 2015

1- When you recognize a ‘less than flattering’ description of yourself in the Georgia Straight ‘I Saw You’ column, making the thought of moving to Yahk, BC a suddenly very appealing, although somewhat tragic option.

2- Completely ignoring the right of way when approaching traffic roundabouts, because nobody ELSE knows what the hell they’re doing anyways.

3- The moment when you realize that there’s no going back from having to drive across town to shop at Whole Foods, because they’re the only chain that carries your favourite flavour of kefir.

4- When your dog is completely outnumbered and freaked out by pugs at the dog park.

5- Shamelessly gloating on Facebook by posting pictures of cherry blossoms and purple crocuses while the Eastern provinces are still digging out from Snowmaggedon.

6- Pretending to be sympathetic during hot summer months when everyone else in the country is trying to cope with golf ball-sized mosquitos.

7- Colour coordinating your gumboots with your umbrellas, particularly if they have polka dots on them.

8- Electing a Mayor who not only advocates for bike lanes, but also regularly uses them.

9- Owning an entire closet full of Lululemon, and making sure everyone sees you walking around with your yoga mat casually curled up under your smelly, but earnest, armpit.

10- When you whine about the outrageous cost of living in Vancouver while quaffing the only brand of craft beer you allow to flow past your lips, because you finally found something that you can complain about in this city.

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