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12 Differences Between a Normal Girlfriend and a Swedish Girlfriend

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by Madelaine Triebe Nov 25, 2015


A normal girlfriend slips into a dress and brings out her 5-inch stilettos for a night out on town.
A Swedish girlfriend wears her ACNE Hex jeans, her black Pistols, and her long sleeved H&M Trend knit to go hit the club.


A normal girlfriend thinks it’s radical to call herself a feminist.
A Swedish girlfriend gives you the full breakdown of the importance of paternity leave and her aversion towards pink and light blue children’s wear and insists that you to vote for Feministiskt Initiativ in the next election, after less than a month of dating.


A normal girlfriend has a collection of jewellery from exes.
A Swedish girlfriend has a couple of grey “Mirandanallar” lying around from former boyfriends.


A normal girlfriend shows affection by hugging and kissing you.
A Swedish girlfriend puts her hand on your arm when she wants to cuddle.


A normal girlfriend tells you she adores you when she is into you.
A Swedish girlfriend tells you she likes you only once she is head over heels.


A normal girlfriend buys chocolate when she feels like something sweet.
A Swedish girlfriend comes home with a bag full of lösgodis from Hemmakväll stuffed with salta s, colaflaskor, nappar, and polly och Dumle.


A normal girlfriend expects flowers on your anniversary.
A Swedish girlfriend buys you a bouquet.


A normal girlfriend drinks white wine in moderation.
A Swedish girlfriend orders tequila and Bacardi razz shots at the club and drinks plenty of Aquavit on Midsummer.


A normal girlfriend enjoys playing soccer, horse riding or watching movies in her spare time.
A Swedish girlfriend counts knitting as a hobby.


A normal girlfriend’s teenage favourite movie is some cheesy rom com.
A Swedish girlfriend’s favourite teenage movie is Fucking Åmål.


A normal girlfriend knows how to small talk.
A Swedish girlfriend will be awkwardly quiet with people she doesn’t know and won’t make an effort if they’re not going to have a “real” conversation.


A normal girlfriend tells you she absolutely loves the gift you got her if she likes it.
With your Swedish girlfriend you need to study her face for at least ten minutes and even after that you’re not sure if her straight face is a sign of utter joy or distaste.

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