Denali National Park is probably not that impressive.

Why bother seeing the Northern Lights in person? That’s what YouTube is for!

Kayaking through ice caves is overrated.

This view will not make your friends jealous.

You have better things to do at home than enjoy the landscape of Glenn Highway.

Having daylight at midnight and camping with a friend, ain’t a big deal.

Only five-star accommodation will do. Springtime camping next to Fjord? Where’s the spa?

Because surf means one thing: the lukewarm swell of Indonesia!

And a morning workout is a 10 am spin class.

Traveling all the way to the top of the U.S. only to see a big block is ice surrounded by mountains? Madness!

Seeing a brown bear cub in the wild is an everyday occurrence and not that impressive.

Being alone and surrounded only by nature at Spencer Lake looks a little boring.

The thought of hopping a flight on a seaplane sends shivers down the spine.

Featured image by: Denali National Park and Preserve.