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15 Commandments for Dating a Girl Who Travels

by Alyssa Ramos Jul 26, 2016

You can’t really “date” a girl who travels, because you can’t exactly just go on dates. Sure, maybe you could if you’re okay with only seeing her when she’s in town, but let’s be serious, who knows when that will be.
Instead, you’ll probably be traveling with her, which means 24/7 togetherness, tight quarters, and tons of potential for difficult situations. When you’re not traveling with her, it can be just as hard, but all shalt be okay if you can follow the 15 commandments for dating a girl who travels.

1. Shalt be willing to meet her in a country rather than on a date.

Just think of it as booking an Uber for a dinner date…except with a plane ticket and hotel reservation instead.

2. Thou shalt accept that she’s well-traveled, independent, and doesn’t always need help.

Never forget how independent and confident a girl who has traveled (especially alone) is. It’s cute when you want to help and always think you’re right, but let’s be serious, we got this babe.

3. Thou shalt not expect perfect hair and nails.

Just no. So much no. Even if we really tried, there’s just no way that a girl who travels will always have perfect hair and nails. Adventures just don’t allow it.

4. Thou shalt be willing to chase waterfalls.

Both metaphorically, and literally. To date a girl who travels, you need to be ready and willing for a ton of adventures; from bargain shopping in a local bazaar, to chasing waterfalls and potentially hooking up behind them.

5. Thou shalt exhibit good Instagram husband-ism.

If you’re going to get annoyed when constantly asked to take photos, it isn’t going to work. Period. Can we do a ‘Follow Me’ photo pleeassee?

6. Thou shalt never speaketh of the word “poop.”

As much as we’d like you to believe that girls excrete rainbows from their belly-buttons, it’s inevitable that you’re eventually going to notice when we go to the toilet. Don’t think about it, don’t acknowledge, and for the love of God, please do not ever mention the word “poop”.

7. Thou shalt always give her the side of the bed farthest from the door.

Remember when you used to have “your side of the bed” at home? Yeah, well now your side of the bed is always the one closest to the door. We feel safer that way.

8. Thou shalt not watch her put on deodorant or shave.

Please let us maintain some level of mystery if we’re going to be all up in each other’s personal space all the time. And don’t you dare ever tease her about stuble.

9. Thou must be able to make plans and schedules.

We get it. Dudes aren’t great at making plans and sticking to schedules. But girls are, especially when the plans involve important travel details, so if you can’t commit to them, we probably won’t commit to you.

10. Thou shalt double as a best friend.

Who else are we supposed to talk to about everything when our friends back home are on different time zones?

11. Thou shalt make out, when in doubt.

The best solution for solving an argument or fight is to start making out. Then neither of us loses.

12. Thou shalt help haggle prices for souvenirs.

No one really enjoys bargaining or haggling prices. Please be a doll and do it for us so we can get those cute little elephant pants and be on our way?

13. Thou shalt be patient with packing.

Packing sucks, and can easily be the spark to a flame if you try to make us rush it. We usually have more stuff, and hate being unorganized, so just give us our extra 10 minutes and go play on Instagram or something.

14. Thou shalt not cuddle when it’s 90 degrees.

You’re hot. Literally. So if it’s also hot outside, please refrain from smothering us with your body heat.

15. Thou shalt sext when she’s traveling without you.

There’s a good chance that if you started “dating” a girl who travels, she was already traveling before she met you. That means she’s probably going to continue to travel even when you can’t. Don’t worry about losing her, or what she’s doing, just always remember to keep really good communication, and sext as much as possible.

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