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15 Reasons You Should Never Travel To Washington State

Washington Travel
by Marissa Pedersen Nov 13, 2015

1. Sunsets over the San Juan Islands just aren’t that pretty.

2. You think skiing and the scenery it entails sucks.

3. Going to a Bavarian village in the mountains doesn’t sound appealing.

4. You’d rather stare at a wall during happy hour than this view.

Wauuuuuu😍 #saltys #alkibeach #CatAndBearTakesOnSeattle 😼🐻

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5. Hikes with views like this seem pointless.

6. You don’t want to be able to see Canada from the top of a mountain.

7. The city skyline is pretty plain.

8. You don’t want Orca whales as your neighbors.

9. Camping next to rivers like this isn’t your thing.

10. You’d rather be indoors than go to outdoor concerts with views like this.

11. You can think of better ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve than party at the Chihuly Glass Garden under the Space Needle.

Ps The Chihuly Museum… At night… AMAZING. The End. 📷:@southjerseysarlo

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12. You’d rather be stuck in traffic than go over Deception Pass.

The Pacific Northwest

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13. Spending a summer day at the lake gets rather boring.

14. Being able to go to the Pacific Ocean is inconvenient.

15. Who wants to live next to a beautiful, snow-covered volcano all the time anyways?

muir snowfield. mount rainier. milky way. washington.

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