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15 Signs You're Back Home in Atlanta

by Amber Locke Jan 8, 2017


You head for Little Five Points and drive through the intersection of Ponce de Leon Ave. and Moreland Ave. and the same man is standing on the sidewalk, in leggings. Flaunting his junk for all to admire.


It’s been too long and you decide to take the I-75/I-85 through downtown at 5:00 P.M., only to immediately regret it as you see the brake lights snaking through the city.


You contemplate the logic of MARTA after using train systems that are executed well in several other cities.


You get off of the plane and head for baggage claim, only to realize that we have the best airport in the U.S.  Why can’t I just have a layover here?


When you say “y’all,” no one bats an eye.


There seems to have been a strip mall takeover. Where there used to be trees, you can now purchase cell phones, mattresses and lunch.


There is a noticeable lack of tourists, unless you go to The Varsity.


You get to Little Five Points and cannot leave before devouring a slice at Little 5 Pizza.


The Bert Show is still on Q100 in the morning, with any number of new co-hosts. You miss Jeff, but his new show just doesn’t cut it.


A night out in Virginia Highlands begins with $2 pitchers at Moe’s and Joe’s.


You laugh at the West Coast’s obsession with In-N-Out as you stare endearingly at the beautiful burger on your tray at Grindhouse Killer Burgers.


People are genuinely nice and appear to mean it when they wish you well as you leave a store.


You can finally read a paper version of Creative Loafing (opposed to the online version) and feel a sense of nostalgia as your pen hits the Jonesin’ crossword puzzle.


There are plenty of breweries to explore on a weekend afternoon, but you’ll definitely end up at Sweetwater Brewing Company for $10 worth of the 420 you missed so much.


Planning to continue your evening will result in your friends wondering if you’re all dressed appropriately to go to Johnny’s Hideaway in Buckhead.  If you aren’t dressed properly, you head straight to The Clermont Lounge.

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