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17 Commandments for Dating a Girl From Ohio

Ohio Couples
by Stephanie Vermillion Aug 17, 2016

1. Thou shalt put family first.

In Ohio, family isn’t something you happen to be born into, it’s the most important part of your life. If you don’t see things that way, you’re not for us.

2. Thou shalt not be preppy.

Or super fancy. Or ultra-hipster. Nothing beats a low-maintenance guy. Unless you’re at Miami University, in which case, pop those collars.

3. Thou shalt take photos of our crazy Bunbury nights.

How else will the Insta world know I’m fabulous and fun?

4. Thou shalt buy Esther Price for Valentine’s Day.

Or Malley’s if you’re up north. With such delicious local confectioners, we don’t mess around with our chocolate.

5. Thou shalt know sports.

Bengals. Browns. Indians. Reds. Buckeyes… you get the picture. Sports are a big deal, so if you want to mesh with our families, get into the game.

6. Thou shalt be a dog lover.

Ohio is nothing if not dog-friendly; we treat our pups like family … And so should you.

7. Thou shalt remember your manners.

While lost among many, we Midwestern girls are looking for good guys who value those old school manners. Open doors, say your “please’s” and “thank you’s” — it makes a better impression than you realize.

8. Thou shalt be a grill master.

From weekend cookouts to game-day feasts, we love a good cook out here in Ohio, so fine tune those grill skills if you want to win our hearts.

9. Thou shalt enjoy a good party.

There’s a reason our universities consistently rank among the country’s top party schools: Ohio knows how to have a good time. While we don’t expect a rager every night, we do love a solid night on the town.

10. Thou shalt love sweatpants Sundays.

We do love to party, but we also embrace those chill-out, loungewear Sundays – baggy sweatpants required.

11. Thou shalt have lofty life goals.

We’re a motivated bunch here in the Midwest and we need a partner to keep us motivated by example.

12. Thou shalt unplug.

But motivated does not mean smartphone robots. We also value QT away from our devices (and need you to unplug, too).

13. Thou shalt be active.

Ohio has gorgeous running trails, beautiful bike paths and some massive gyms. There’s no excuse not to be healthy. We need a LIFE partner after all!

14. Thou shalt take the wheel on I-75.

From terrible traffic to confusing construction, driving on I-75 is pretty miz. Extra brownie points if you can take that chaos off our plates.

15. Thou shalt adore our girls.

We take our friendships seriously in Ohio and value our friends’ opinions above all else. Make a good impression and connection with my girlfriends and you’re a keeper for life.

16. Thou shalt not ridicule our state.

Not from the Buckeye state? Tread cautiously with the “it’s so boring” jabs. While we may poke fun at our hometown, we love it deep down, and those out-of-towner insults do actually get to us.

17. Thou shalt move to Ohio.

We may not want to move back home immediately, but 9 times out of 10 Ohio girls want to raise their kids close to family. Prepare yourself for the possibility, because one day, you’ll also call Ohio home.

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