ALECIA PENNINGTON is an undocumented American citizen.

As strange as this may seem, Alecia has no record of her birth and has no proof of her living in the United States for the past 19 years. She was born at home, she was home-schooled, and her parents never bothered to declare her existence to any administrative authorities.

She cannot attend college, she cannot take her driver’s licence, she cannot work legally, and she cannot travel.

Alecia tried in vain to obtain a delayed birth certificate, and her parents refuse to help her out of this very difficult situation. This young woman of 19 years of age now faces an administrative wall.

In a desperate attempt to finally get the paperwork that could provide her with the freedom all American citizens should have, Alecia is sending a cry for help. If you have any advice, support, or guidance that could allow her to finally obtain a proof of her identity, please email her at

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