YOU CAN LEARN A LOT FROM a map. Who, for example, hasn’t asked themselves the burning question, “How many goats are there in the world, and where are they most dense?” Or who, perhaps while driving through middle America, hasn’t thought, “I wonder how many of these homes are actually meth labs?” And I know for a fact that every man in America has wondered if his state is home to the largest average penis size.

Fortunately, maps can answer all of these questions and more. Here are 23 maps that will teach you something about the world that you didn’t know before. Yes, you may not have needed to know some of these things, but learning is good for its own sake. Right?


What each state is best at

Hawaii's "best at" seems a little unfair. And kudos, North Dakota. Via


A map of Europe adjusted for coastline length

"Coastline length" is a notoriously difficult measurement, but this map helps give you some idea of how it's length can be much longer in much smaller countries like Britain while being very short in places like France. Via


The Age of Heterosexual consent by country

A larger version of this map available here.


The Languages of Europe

A larger version of this map available here.


The Meth Labs of the US

There's a very clear "meth belt" in the United States. Via


World Systems of Government

A larger version of this map is available here.


The world split up into $1 trillion of GDP

The more colorful, the more wealthy an area is. Via


Number of Instagram posts with #(country name)

As someone on Reddit pointed out, Turkey likely does well around Thanksgiving. Via


The state religions of the world

There are surprisingly few left. Via


The most popular destinations for migrants in each country

Mexico's should surprise no American, but that the converse is true about US immigrants to Mexico is perhaps a bit unexpected. Via


World goat density

Presented without comment. Via


Top religious traditions by state

The Northeastern United States not being uniformly Catholic is the biggest surprise for me. Via


Europe by alcohol preference

Blue is vodka, red is wine, and the kind of yellowish-brown is beer. Via


How long has each country been a republic?

And which countries still aren't? Via


World population growth

For the year 2014. Via


Population density

Canada is practically an expanse of white. Via


The importance of the Mississippi to the Midwest

Without the Mississippi River system, the Midwest as we know it would basically not exist. Via


Where Britain's immigrants come from

India and Poland are no surprise, but you may be surprised at the amount of American immigrants. Via


Native American population percentage

In which countries have the most Native Americans survived? Via


Life satisfaction in Europe

The moral: stay away from the Balkans and Baltics. Via


The world's most heavily guarded countries

Where are the world's great walls built, and why? Via


The average number of languages spoken in each country

Thank god the US isn't on this map.


The habitable range of homo sapiens

We really have expanded over a staggeringly huge part of the earth. Via