Skip to 1:15 to see the “Domestic Transformer” in action.

After seeing the video about this sweet 89-square-foot tiny-home, Matador reader JF pointed us towards a tiny apartment in Hong Kong that transforms into 24 different rooms.

Kind of like a cross between an old tenement apartment and modern fabulous Optimus Prime, this apartment was built by Hong Kong architect Gary Chang. Chang describes how he, both of his parents, and all three of his younger sisters used to live in this 330-square-foot space…with a tenant. Instead of giving it up when he got married and started a family, Chang decided to reconstruct the interior in order to make efficient use of the space.

Most notable cool features of this tiny apartment:

  • A fridge behind the television
  • Sliding wall system on ceiling tracks, kind of like what you see in the dusty basements of large libraries
  • Mirrors on the ceiling to increase light diffusion and lend the illusion of increased space
  • A full bathtub behind the closet, behind a bookcase
  • Guest bed that folds out over the top of the full bathtub
  • Hammock + pull-down full-wall projector screen to turn the entire apartment into a movie theater

I, for one, would live in this tiny transforming apartment in a second. Would you?