1. Your Calgary Tower was the tallest building and you couldn’t believe your eyes when the cauldron burst into flames for the first time.

2. You sang the “Hello Calgary” jingle in the shower and you still know all the words.

3. You watched Electric Avenue featured on the late-night news after at least one fight and police visit every Saturday night.

4. Your greatest moment in hockey happened in 1989.

5. Your dream team was McDonald, Gilmour, Vernon, Peplinski and MacInnis.

6. You may have been duped by the O.C.O. ticket scandal.

7. You were greeted by Hidy and Howdy when you entered the city limits.



8. You knew it would be a good sports weekend when Ed Whalen shouted from the Stampede Wrestling ring or announced, “Hello hockey fans!”

9. You loved it when Big Rock opened and the A.L.C.B. finally had more options than Carling O’Keefe’s Calgary beer.

10. You had exciting afternoons trading pins on Olympic Plaza.

11. You were proud Eddie the Eagle and the Jamaican Bobsled Team became famous celebrities in Calgary.

12. Your Sun Ice jacket with a Sunshine Village ski pass hung on the zipper was your bragging right.

13. You didn’t need to bum rides anymore when the C-Train arrived.

14. You stood in line for hours to see the Pandas and loved Alpha’s Panda ice cream.

15. You were in awe of the city’s new architectural wonders including the Saddledome, the Olympic Oval and C.O.P.

16. Saturday morning wasn’t complete without watching the Buckshot Show on CFCN while eating pancakes.

17. You enjoyed a cheap draught at the St. Louis and likely Ralph Klein was sitting on the bar stool next to you.

18. You drove forever to get to the end of the city before you reached Airdrie or Okotoks.

19. Your best Stampede Park moments included a trip to Weadickville for the apple dunk and gun fights.

20. Your mom’s morning routine started with Charlene Prickett on the It Figures Show.

21. Your favourite pastime was a drive to Springbank for the new Flintstone-themed Calaway Park.

22. Your proudest moment was seeing Calgary hit the big screen as Metropolis in Superman III.

23. You couldn’t wait for Wednesday 3-for-1 nights at Denny Andrews.

24. You were crushed by the outcome of the Battle of the Brians.