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25 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Seattle

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by Marissa Pedersen Dec 21, 2015

1. You don’t own an umbrella.

It rains a lot, so there’s no point of going through the hassle of lugging an umbrella everywhere. Your Northface jacket is just fine.

2. You shopped at Value Village before Macklemore made it famous.

You knew back in the 90s that was the place to get your vintage fur coats.

3. You won’t try salmon from anywhere else.

Why would you eat it frozen and shipped when you can get it fresh from the Northwest at Duke’s?

4. You get uncomfortable when you visit somewhere that hasn’t rained in awhile.

A short vacation somewhere warm is nice, but after awhile you need that refreshing rain.

5. You would never jaywalk.

You will always wait for the walk sign to appear, even if there’s not a single car coming. Every time.

6. “Free Willy” made you upset.

You’ve been seeing Orca whales in the Strait of Juan de Fuca since your field trips in elementary school. Orcas in captivity was unheard of.

7. Snoqualmie Falls is pronounced “snow-qual-me.”

While we’re at it, the Tulalip Casino is pronounced “two-lay-lip.”

8. Craft beer anywhere besides Seattle doesn’t compare.

No beer will ever be as good as Redhook’s ESB or Mac and Jack’s African Amber.

9. You knew how to start a campfire as a child.

And in any weather condition.

10. Earthquakes still scare you.

The Nisqually earthquake in 2001 may have been the last big earthquake, but you still fear every little shake you feel.

11. You call in sick at the first sign of snowflakes.

Snow in the city is rare, and you are going to take full opportunity of this “snow day.” Plus you want to avoid the crazy drivers on the road who attempt to go to work.

12. You are the ultimate coffee snob.

Starbucks may be from here, but that’s not what locals drink. You’ll only have a double tall two-pump caramel latte from Caffe Ladro.

13. No one understands how to make hot dogs properly unless it’s a Seattle Dog.

You can’t even fathom eating a hot dog if it’s not covered in caramelized onions and cream cheese from a hot dog stand in Belltown.

14. Everything you wear is in layers.

You have no set wardrobe for the seasons, except about five layers during winter due to the “Seattle freeze” and only two layers during the summer, when it be a little breezy.

15. You still have no idea how to drive in the snow or ice.

Considering it hardly ever snows, what’s the point of learning? Plus you don’t want to be on the road with the crazy drivers attempting to go up Capitol Hill.

16. A four-way stop takes a long time to go through.

You’ll let the car who may have gotten there a second before you go, and maybe even the next one in case they were also there before you. You certainly won’t honk at anyone.

17. A good portion of your friends work at Amazon, Starbucks, or Microsoft.

They also all probably live in South Lake Union, which you use to your advantage to visit for happy hour after work.

18. Anyone talking bad about Nirvana makes you angry.

You’ve even been to Aberdeen to visit Kurt Cobain’s childhood home.

19. You always bring your cloth grocery bags to PCC.

They’re usually stored in the back of your car, but if you happen to forget you will immediately go home to retrieve them.

20. People who don’t recycle shock you.

You always spend time thoroughly cleaning and sorting through your recyclables, so why wouldn’t everyone? Don’t even get you started on composting.

21. Farmers market in Ballard is a summer staple.

You know it’s the best place to buy local lavender and homemade honey. You’ll also sample every single stand, even if you don’t intend on buying from them.

22. Seattle is nothing like Portland.

That’s a certain way to get you fired up if someone mentions that. Seattle is way better, case closed.

23. You have at least one friend who lives on a houseboat on Lake Union.

You get to be on the water and have an amazing view of Seattle, so why not?

24. Fridays are Blue Fridays.

You can be found rocking your Seahawks jersey to show your pride every Friday. Who cares if it’s Mariners season?

25. Your bike is your prized possession.

Your Christmas wish list usually consists of new gear from Gregg’s Cycle for your bike. You love to compare bikes and parts with your friends.

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