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27 Things You'll Never Hear a Chicagoan Say

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by Jill Meinecke Jul 25, 2015

1. “Let’s party in the ‘burbs tonight!”

2. “Don’t dip my Italian beef.”

3. “I can’t believe there’s no north and south side rivalry.”

4. “Jay Cutler? Give the guy a break.”

5. “You wouldn’t believe the shopping deals I found in the Gold Coast!”

6. “You know, I wish they poured my drink a little weaker.”

7. “Urgh. I hate listening to live blues.”

8. “I really trust our elected public officials.”

9. “I was a Blackhawks fan before they started winning.”

10. “Nope. Never had a fun night out in Boystown.”

11. “The lakefront path? Oh it’s never crowded.”

12. “Rush hour traffic wasn’t that bad.”

13. “Tom Skilling seems to always predict the weather spot on.”

14. “I’m going to take my friends sightseeing at Willis Tower.”

15. “There’s just not enough bearded hipsters in Wicker Park for me.”

16. “Cubs fans just don’t know how to let loose.”

17. “St. Patty’s Day in the city is totally lame.”

18. “I love the modern meets traditional remodel of Soldier Field.”

19. “If you think summer’s great, you should come visit in the winter!”

20. “Jordan? Overrated.”

21. “I always look forward to the lake effect weather patterns.”

22. “Hold the mustard. I like ketchup on my dog.”

23. “The south side after dark? Totally safe.”

24. “Now that the weather’s nice, the crime rate will definitely go down.”

25. “All the CTA workers are so friendly!”

26. “Thanks for the invite, but I’m spending the weekend in Indy.”

27. “The Packers aren’t half bad…”

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