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28 Things You'll Never Hear a Torontonian Say

by Rebecca Burton Aug 12, 2015


2. El Toro.

3. I hate brunch.

4. Isn’t the TTC the greatest? Not a single delay.

5. Perfect — I have exact change for the TTC.

6. That’s so close! I’ll just walk there.

7. I feel for people in places like LA. I never get stuck in traffic.

8. I love this humidity. I’m barely sweating!

9. Life is better when I’m numb from -30 C weather.

10. No independent could compare to Tim Horton’s coffee.

11. Biking in this city is a breeze. There are almost too many bike lanes — they should start removing them.

12. As a driver, cyclists don’t bother me.

13. I identify as a hipster.

14. I would choose Vancouver over Toronto any day.

15. There’s never anything to do in this city.

16. I wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out in my own neighbourhood.

17. Looks like the Maple Leafs have done it again. Playoffs here we come! I can practically feel the Stanley Cup in our hands.

18. Our sports teams are unbeatable.

19. I’m headed to the Rogers Centre.

20. That’s okay, feel free to walk slowly and take up the entire sidewalk while you’re at it.

21. I never run into anyone I know.

22. Started from the bottom now we here.

23. Wait, Drake is from Toronto?

24. I could do a cartwheel with the amount of personal space I get on the TTC.

25. You commute in from Mississauga? Oh you’re definitely 100% Torontonian.

26. Yonge-Dundas is my favourite place in the city. You never get hassled with ‘free’ stuff there.

27. The Gardiner Expressway is a piece of engineering genius.

28. Rob Ford is my hero.

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