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35 Things You Will Never Hear Somebody From Manchester Say

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by Lucy Bryson Jan 15, 2016

1. I think I have enough pairs of trainers now.

2. We really do have the best street performers in Europe, hands down.

3. This city needs some more students to liven it up a bit.

4. No, I don’t think there are any gay bars in Manchester.

5. We Mancunians pride ourselves on our tireless work ethic.

6. Recreational drugs have just never been a ‘thing’ in the clubs here. </h2.

7. It might be rainy now, but at least we’ve got a long, hot summer to look forward to.

8. There’s nothing I love more than walking through Manchester city centre sober on a Saturday night.

9. The mulled wine at the Christmas markets is quite strong enough without adding extra shots of fruity booze to it.

10. It’s almost too easy to get a taxi in the city centre at pub kicking-out time.

11. Sarcasm really is the lowest form of wit.

12. I’ve never once grumbled about the price of using the toilet at Piccadilly train station.

13. What is ‘vaping’? Never heard of it.

14. No, I’ve never been to an ‘indie disco’ but it sounds like an intriguing new concept.

15. Drink before I go out? Why would I do that?

16. I love it when we get a warmish day and the local men start taking their tops off.

17. None of my friends are into futbol, really. It’s all rugby and cricket round here.

18. Liam who?

19. I have no idea where Primark is.

20. You know what Manchester lacks? Fried chicken.

21. It’s cold. Best put a coat on when we go out tonight.

22. Anything below 20 degrees is far too cold for a barbecue.

23. I don’t know anybody who could be compared to any of the characters from Shameless.

24. I wish Manchester was more like London. </h2.

25. Come to think of it, no, I’ve never seen anybody with a beard in the Northern Quarter.

26. The price of a drink in town is very reasonable these days.

27. Piccadilly Wetherspoons is the best place to meet friendly locals.

28. If only there was somewhere to buy artisan breads in Chorlton.

29. I have never once got lost in the Arndale Centre.

30. I wouldn’t have the faintest idea where you could get a late-night curry round these parts.

31. I love getting the last bus home. You meet the nicest people!

32. The Trafford Centre is truly an architectural gem.

33. Nope, I would never go into Debenhams just to use the toilet.

34. It’s a shame no decent bands have ever come out of Manchester.

35. I always exercise restraint when eating at a Chinese buffet restaurant.

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