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7 Reasons To Date a Girl Who Surfs

Surfing Couples
by Alexandra Lam May 15, 2016

1. She is ambitious and always up for a challenge.

No matter what the situation or environment, it is the ambitious nature that keeps her motivated to strive for her goals and dreams. She knows what she wants and puts in some serious work to achieve them. No matter how many obstacles she faces, she will fight with every fiber of her being to give it her very best and rise to the challenge — bumps, bruises and all. Clingy and dependent? Not this girl.

2. She is easygoing and understanding.

She is used to planning her days around the unpredictability of the waves and tides. Like the ocean, she understands that life never goes as planned but is willing to wait out the storms, knowing that better and brighter days are ahead. However, don’t misinterpret her go-with-the-flow attitude as having no opinion because this surfer girl has no problem in speaking her mind.

3. She is not materialistic.

She doesn’t care for the expensive dinners, designer clothes, and bags. She is quite comfortable with spending a night eating pizza and drinking beer with you on the couch. Frankly, she likely doesn’t care about your fancy car or watch and isn’t all that impressed with material things. If anything, she finds you more attractive when you’re in t-shirt and jeans/sweats and is much happier hanging out somewhere low key. If you’re looking for a high maintenance party girl, you should look the other way.

4. She’s always up for travel.

Whether it is accompanying you on a business trip or finding a holiday getaway, with absolute certainty, she will not raise a stink to get out of town no matter how last minute it is. She will happily find something to occupy her time when you’re in meetings, or research some cool activities for you both to do together. Her sense of adventure and open-mindedness to try something new will never leave you bored — away or at home.

5. She is into a healthy and fun lifestyle.

This girl appreciates a good party but has a good sense of balance. Not only does she know how to put a delicious and healthy meal together, but she will get you motivated to decompress from your busy work day. Whether it’s walking a few blocks to a new patio, bike riding along the boardwalk, or just sitting quietly watching the sunset.

6. She is confident in her own skin.

This mermaid does not require 2 hours to get prim and proper every single time she walks out the door. This down-to-earth girl refuses to fall victim to the eyelash extensions and layers of caked on makeup. Like any female, she will glam it up but it’s her confidence with a touch of make up that will make this sun-kissed beauty radiate.

7. She is a tough cookie.

Whether she is battling the negative stereotypes of being a surfer or fighting some serious currents to paddle past the break, there is no doubt that this girl is resilient. Even with her toughened skin from all that sun and salt water, this surfer girl also knows when to throw in the towel. Sun beaten or worn out, she isn’t ashamed to admit it because tomorrow is a new day to try it all over again.

This article first appeared on The Inertia and is republished here with permission.

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