Recently, poachers in Hwange National Park in the North West of Zimbabwe put cyanide into two watering holes in an attempt to kill the elephants that relied on them to live. The poachers were successful and, so far, the death toll is near 100 elephants that suffered a savage end.

It’s difficult not to be deeply ashamed to belong to the most calculating, murderous species that this planet has ever known. This event for me was symbolic of the wasteful disregard that seeps into much of our everyday lives. The reckless greed of the poachers to go dynamite fishing for such beautiful creatures.

Even more disturbing is that the toll will continue to rise. Animals that eat the carcasses of the deceased elephants or drink from the contaminated holes will almost certainly die too.

The poachers have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms, but there’s no justice that can remedy the dark they so freely concocted.

All for the sake of a tusk.