9 Foods Only Someone From Denver Would Crave

Food + Drink
by Tim Wenger Jul 20, 2016

The sopaipillas at Casa Bonita.

For the measly price of $19.99 visitors can enjoy the worst plate of fajitas they’ll ever have. But the sopaipillas- oh, man. Forget the cliff divers and Blackbart’s Cave. Give me some more fried dough and honey.

Meatloaf at Tom’s Diner.

But only after 2 AM and before 5 AM. If the sun’s up, we’ll take a smothered breakfast burrito.

Grilled pheasant, reindeer, or anything other extra gamey meat straight off the backyard grill.

Phesant sure turned out good! #BigGuyCanCook #GrilledPheasant

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As long as it’s eaten with a view of either the mountains or the skyline. Really, grilling is just another excuse to get outside, so whatever ends up being thrown on there we’ll sit around drinking microbrew and watch it sizzle to mid-well.

Rocky Mountain Oysters during a baseball game.

Anybody know where the name #rockymountainoysters come from? 😉 #barfood #happyhour #cowsballs #cowtesticles

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Ok, it’s been a while since Coors Field served up fried bull testicles, but they are readily available at hot spots around town and long ago earned legend status as one of the city’s signature entrees.

Huevos Rancheros for dinner.

Cancelled rehearsals mean #sunnyday #huevosrancheros with #dupliKate 💕 @katemcarthu1

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And again for breakfast the next morning.

A Rattlesnake hot dog at Biker Jim’s.

How about this dog for dinner? #bikerjimsdogs #yum! #hotdog #sogood #foodie #gourmet #dogs #gamedogs #love #happy #foodporn #foodie #denver #colorado

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The best way to kick off a Saturday night is to take exotic meat and stick it in a bun. We’ve heard the line ‘No great story ever started with a salad,’ so, you know, we love a great story.

When we’re hungover, nothing hits the spot like a BBQ Biscuit.

Where would we be without Denver Biscuit Company?

Eggs bennie with a side of green chili.

Green chili goes so well with hollandaise. It’s been said that we’ll eat a tire if it is smothered in green chili, and that isn’t too far off.

Dumplings filled (and exploding) with soup.

If you’ve never had French Onion Soup dumplings, you must not be from around here. Denverites love taking iconic dishes from other places and adding a mile high stamp to them (see the part about Eggs bennie). Putting a thin, runny liquid inside a permeable crust catches a lot of attention in this city. Cholon does them best.

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