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9 Signs You’re Back Home in Miami

by Jo Ann Mayer Oct 3, 2016

1. When flying into AMI, seeing the abrupt demarcation that separates Miami from the Everglades.
Within seconds, you go from swampland to housing developments, then skyscrapers.

2. The baggage claim is surrounded by women in short skirts or tight jeans and stiletto heels jabbering away in Spanish on their cell phones.
You have missed the “Latino vibe” that is distinctly Miami.

3. Getting hit with a blanket of humidity that fogs your glasses.
You haven’t moved an inch while waiting for your Uber ride and you are dripping with sweat.

4. I-95 being at a standstill, and it is only 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
You might as well admire the skyline of cranes, enjoy the Spanish radio station, and hope you get a view of Wynwood’s graffiti walls while you are stuck in traffic.

5. Signalling while changing lanes apparently being forbidden.
Miami is the road rage capital of the US. A car stopping for a pedestrian in a cross walk? Not a chance.

6. “And where do you live the rest of the year?”
Everyone assumes you do not live here full time, especially if you are a non-hispanic.

7. Double street names.
Most streets have two names. One the name of the street and the other a commemorative name usually in honor of a person, and more often than not, is a Hispanic name.

8. Going to Publix to restock your refrigerator.
And the lady at the deli counter greets you with, “Hola.”

9. Jonesing for your first cup of Cuban coffee.
And making plans to go to Versailles restaurant in Little Havana for a dinner of pulled pork.

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