1. Mastering the art of paddle boarding with beverage in hand and many consumed on land.

2. Hitting the Opa Locka Flea Market at six in the morning, racing through those big yellow gates, and strategically approaching each vendor to barter.

3. Recovering from an obscene amount of drinking by stuffing our faces with Pan con Bistec at Mary Coin Laundry & Deli.

4. Functioning on little to no sleep by working your way to the ventanitas and ordering numerous coladas or café con leches, downing them like there’s no tomorrow.

5. Plucking mangos, oranges, limes and other produce from your backyard, or the neighbors’, only to sell them on the side of the road for extra cash.

6. Getting free food by firing up the grills at Oleta River State Park, befriending visitors, and convincing them to share their food in exchange for playing chef.

7. Making killer ceviche using your catch of the day, local veggies, and then chasing it with tequila.

8. Racing your way through wall to wall traffic on a moped.

9. Living off smoothies.