ALL OF THOSE WHO have attempted to get some rest in an airplane know how painfully impossible it is. Not only is you neck aching, but your legs are cramped in a tiny space, reclining your seat does not make your postion any more comfortable, and your neighbour is probably hogging the arm rest on which you would love to sprawl. Unless you can afford to travel in business class, your chances to get some sleep are close to none.

But Boeing’s new patent for a “transport vehicle seat back with integrated upright sleep support system” shows that you should never lose the hope of ever closing your eyes and sleep like a baby in an aicraft.

The “cuddle chair” consists of a backpack under your seat that contains “a strap and buckle system that can be attached to the seat’s headrest to keep the passenger in place“. Once the straps are hooked, the passenger can rest their head and chest on two cushions. Beathing holes are provided on the head cushion to prevent people from smothering themselves while trying to catch some Z’s.

Although the device does look rather strange and is only a patent, frequent flyers will be happy to know that someone is working hard at making them more cozy.

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