MY FIRST TIME VISITING NEW YORK CITY was this past July. I had the opportunity to photograph a skateboard outreach event in the Bronx, put on by Real Life Church and the non-profit organization Make Your Mark. During my off time, I spent a few days wandering the streets of the city with my Mamiya 7 and a few rolls of Kodak Tri-X 400. A city known for its amazing street photographers, I felt the pressure to create photos that would capture the soul of New York City. The people, buildings and even sounds were all on my short list of ideas. I hope by looking through this series of photos you can hear the taxis beeping their horns, the smell of hot dog stands, and feel the essence of New York City.


As I captured this street scene, rain was starting to fall. Steam was pouring out of the man hole, FedEx was still delivering...nothing keeps this city from stopping.


Crossing the street in New York City quickly becomes an art form.


Did you really visit New York City if you didn’t stop at a Nathan's Hot Dog stand?


Captured from the Chelsea Skyline Park. I wanted to get the photo nobody else was taking while walking down the Skyline.


Don’t all street photographers get a quick hidden self portrait occasionally?


There is always a hidden story behind every photograph. Use your imagination to create your own narrative.


There is something about New York City rooftops and architecture that always caught my eye. The way the shadows are created, the water tanks and brick.


I do not recommend stopping in the middle of a busy New York City street to take a photo, but if you do, make sure you at least have a photo of a taxi and bike rider.


What this photo doesn’t show, is the mass amounts of people posing and getting photos of this iconic building, one of my favorites in New York City, the Flatiron. If you visit this area, make sure you get a beer and people watch in the park right in front.


Walking through the financial district of New York City had a feeling to it. I couldn’t help but think of all the movies about the stock market and Wall Street.


Sometimes you have only a quarter of a second to react; this was one of those moments. If a flock of birds all of a sudden fly around you, I highly recommend taking the shot.


You could pay a lot of money to take a boat tour around the Statue of Liberty, or take a free one on the Staten Island Ferry.


Sometimes you have to focus on moments that everybody isn’t. Give your mind a break and let it wander for a few short seconds before coming back to reality.


The Staten Island Ferry shouldn’t make you this frustrated, but if it does refer to my previous photo and caption.


The return trip on the ferry was my favorite. Views of the Brooklyn Bridge and watching other boats cruising across the water made for a beautiful afternoon.


The depth of some of the buildings are astonishing, I love the layers in this photo that I captured while walking to the Brooklyn Bridge. How many different buildings can you count?


Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city may include your phone and a cigarette in the shadows of an alley way.


This scene reminded me of a painting that I had to capture. Central Park is a very surreal place and a necessity of New York City.


Your mind could get lost in all the wonders of Central Park; become a kid again and let anything amaze you.


The painting-like scenes of the park are hard to avoid, every turn and view has another story waiting to be told.


Walk ways covered in trees, hoards of people, the smell of hot dogs filled this scene with an authentic Central Park experience.


One of my favorite views of the city from inside Central Park, included climbing atop a large boulder and getting a good footing. Trees and skyscrapers are such an interesting match that New York City pulls off perfectly.


Don’t forget to look down sometimes to see other beauties, like the texture in this giant rock.