MY RELATIONSHIP WITH Czech film began when I lived in Prague in 2008; I had a non-traditional academic program that was experiential, rather than based on lectures, and was arts-immersive. One component consisted of private film screenings at Kino MAT. It was there where I saw Sedmikrásky (Daisies), for the first time.

The film was unlike anything I’d ever seen. The filmmaker, Věra Chytilová, was ahead of her time, and an integral figure in Czech New Wave Cinema of the 1960s. Daisies, which debuted in 1966 (just two years before the Prague Spring of 1968), was an absurdist social commentary against the Communist government. It was banned within the country immediately, but received media acclaim internationally. Věra directed over twenty five films in her lifetime.

It’s amazing that I have lived alongside people who were part of cultural revolutions, and that I am able to honor their lives once they pass. Maybe you’ve never heard of Věra, but maybe today is the day where you watch a few clips of her work on YouTube, or read her page on IMDB, and learn something new.