Whenever the internet introduces us to cute, cuddly animals like the recently discovered olinguito, it must then, for the sake of cosmic balance, introduce us to something so terrifying that it could only have been conceived in the bowels of the Seventh Circle of Hell. Meet the Bobbit worm, a terrifying aquatic creature that burrows into the ocean floor, sits and waits for its prey, and then strikes so fast it can cut its prey in half before dragging it into its burrow.

The Bobbit worm is allegedly named after Lorena Bobbit, the housewife who castrated her abusive husband with a kitchen knife. The worm can grow up to ten feet long, has rainbow coloring, and has been known to bite humans. Oh hey, and they can also sneak into your salt water aquariums. So maybe the best course of action is to just avoid the ocean forever and spend the rest of your days cowering under a blanket.

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