“Statistics say
that 70% of Chileans live sedentary lives. The good thing is that to begin to change this, all you need to do is lift a finger. Coca-Cola presents: Taxi Movement. The more you pedal, the lower your fare. Combine physical activity with a moderate and balanced diet to manage weight. How much are you going to move today? Movement is happiness. Happiness is movement.”

Coca-Cola already had one commercial banned in the UK because it was misleading consumers about how much activity they had to do to burn off a can of Coke, so naturally they repackaged the idea and sold it in Chile. That said, the brand has discussed getting more involved in fighting obesity and perhaps this ad has good intentions — get in shape, save some money! But the fact of the matter is the brand is trying to convince people that drinking Coca-Cola will make you happy, and exercising will make you feel less guilty so you can enjoy life (and Coca-Cola) even more.

I think it’s fine to enjoy a can of Coke every now and again — personally, I like it mixed with rum. But let’s not fool ourselves, there is no point in life where drinking a shitload of diabetes-causing high-fructose corn syrup is healthy.