Forget the sexy nurses and sparkly vampires – this Halloween, score more treats as a living Marvel character or a 3D paper model of yourself.

IT’S TOUGH coming up with a truly creative Halloween costume, but these ideas are fantastic. Some are simple and some are crazy complicated, but hopefully they’ll inspire you to go design your own awesome Halloween costume this year.

3D paper you
Pregnant belly brilliance
Caged up
French Kiss
Zipper Face
Lego man
Nemo in his natural environment
Human centipede
The Simpsons
Labyrinth family
Salsa jar guy
Eaten alive
Vegging out
For the baby
Living comic book character
Social media
Amazing anime
Kidnap yourself
See-through gear (literally, not sluttily)
Reverse trick-or-treater

This was a true story originally posted on Metafilter, then Doc Pop turned it into this killer cartoon. I would dearly love to see any pics or videos of this idea in action — the best part about it is how simple it would be to do! If you give it a shot this Halloween, let us know.