Our changing environment

It was 100 degrees in Oklahoma last week.
In the dead of winter, the town of Mangum experienced temperatures that were 43 degrees higher than normal. [Futurism]

An iceberg the size of Long Island is about to break off of Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf.
The Larsen C is the continent’s fourth-largest ice shelf. It has a 50-mile long crack in it right now. When the shelf ‘calves’ off, possibly very soon, this new iceberg will contribute to global sea level rise — a huge threat to all cities that lie within miles of the coast. [Climate Central]

But the good news is, we’re really close to achieving fusion energy.
If we could fuse hydrogen atoms together, essentially creating our own sun, we could have clean and unlimited energy indefinitely. We’ve been working on it since the 1950s and scientists believe we’re nearly there. It could be within 25 years that we see the first commercial fusion power plant — if these projects continue to receive funding. [Futurism]

Being an activist

Some NYC activists stuck a giant ‘Refugees Welcome’ banner on the Statue of Liberty.
One of the activists told Fusion that the banner was a response to the Trump Administration’s recent Travel Ban, which is attempting to halt the U.S. refugee program indefinitely. The banner was unfurled in broad daylight in front of a crowd of tourists. [Fusion]

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This year, International Women’s Day will also be A Day Without A Woman.
On Feb. 16th, immigrants across the country stayed home from work in an effort to prove how crucial they are to everyday life in America. On March 8th, women will participate in their own version of a general strike — an activism technique that propelled the Civil Rights Movement forward, as well as the women’s movements of the ’70s and labor movements throughout American history. [CNN]