Uplifting news from around the world

A massive and ancient statue was just discovered in a Cairo slum.
The 26-feet high, 8,000-pound statue was found submerged in groundwater and most likely depicts Pharaoh Ramses II, an Egyptian ruler who reigned more than 3,000 years ago. [Reuters]

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They’re playing elephant polo in Thailand.
And it’s in the name of elephant conservation. Thirty players and elephants just competed in Bangkok’s King’s Cup which is now in its 15th year. [Reuters]

A 5-year-old girl just spelled a Sanskrit word correctly, becoming the youngest National Spelling Bee champion in the U.S.
Edith Fuller spelled the Sanskrit word for knowledge, “jnana”, correctly after asking for the definition. [Slate]

Travel in the year 2017

Several U.S. states have already begun to challenge Trump’s new Travel Ban.
President Trump revealed his revised ban on Monday after legal efforts led by Washington and Minnesota defeated his original order in the courts. Lawyers are claiming their arguments still stand for the revised ban and Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts and Hawaii have all begun to challenge it. Hawaii, specifically, is taking a unique approach, claiming that the Travel Ban would drastically hurt its tourism industry and foreign student population. [BBC]

At least six nations have posted travel warnings against the U.S. on their websites.
The UAE, Bahrain, the Bahamas, France, New Zealand and the United Kingdom are all warning travelers — especially travelers of color — about gun violence in the United States. [New York Daily News]