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How to Date a Girl Who Travels

by Elisabeth Tuck Jan 18, 2017

By now we’ve all had plenty of time to mull over the do-you-don’t-you debate around dating girls who travel. They might be unhinged and unpredictable but these traits are their treasures as much as they are their downfalls. The girl who can turn her hand to anything, is free-spirited and adventurous, who will draw you into her world of spontaneity and throw your cautions into the wind.

But once you’ve decided you want to, how do you date the girl who travels?

1. Spike her attention with an interesting date.

She doesn’t want to ‘grab a beer’ with you unless the bar is by the ocean, or at the end of a hiking trail. This girl thrives on adventure and creativity, use your imagination and do something she will enjoy and remember.

2. Be confident.

She’s no stranger to striking up a conversation with a person she just met, and she’s accustomed to people approaching her on the road. Be confident and direct, she doesn’t have time for hesitancy, she’s not intrigued by shy.

3. Be funny, interesting, and nice.

Your window of opportunity could be small, she could be on the move again at any time, so make first impressions count. Be funny and interesting to get her attention, but most importantly, be nice, she doesn’t have time to play games, they don’t interest her or hold her attention

4. Tell her stories.

She’s a dreamer and a wanderer. She lives to hear tales of that time you got chased by an elephant in Zimbabwe or went scuba diving with whale sharks in Belize. Tell her stories, not news, share your dreams and ambitions and listen to hers as you lie on the grass and stare at the clouds.

5. Understand her need for freedom.

Let her go when she needs to and she will come back. Don’t hold onto her too tightly, just trust she will return to you with salt in her hair, sand between her toes, and tales of her triumphs.

6. Go on an adventure together.

Underneath her boldly independent façade, she’s secretly dying for you to join her. Share an adventure with her, don’t let her do all the work but let her guide you into her world and make shared memories of the times you spent together.

7. Don’t try to take care of her.

She knows how to do that for herself. Just be there for her, let her lean on you when she grows weary, but don’t try to do too much, she wears her independence like a badge of honour not to be defeated.

8. Show her you care without gifts.

She treasures experiences, not things. Take her places and share experiences with her, read her books and frame her photos, don’t buy her items that will weigh her down.

9. If you do buy her something, make it useful.

Jewellery and flowers are nice but she wants guidebooks and maps, camera lenses, gadgets and gizmos to make her trips easier. Impress her with TSA approved lotion bottles, quick-drying socks, and noise-cancelling headphones.

10. Call her when she’s waiting to board her flight.

Remind her that you care, that you are thinking of her and support her. Let her know you’ll be waiting at the gate when she returns with her favourite coffee and a bagel or muffin, to hear about her latest journey.

11. Most of all, don’t be afraid to date her.

Each time she goes, she will come back a better person. She will be grateful that you stayed and excited for the next time you can travel together. Be intrigued by her, not fearful, embrace her wild lifestyle, and relish in the light it brings to yours.

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