Many equate stories of deportations with stories of Latino populations. But a new piece by Think Progress reminds us that black immigrants play a significant role in issues of immigration in the United States. The piece reports these statistics from the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) and New York University Law School’s Immigrants Rights Clinic: “black immigrants make up 7 percent of the total immigrant population (roughly 3.4 million people).” Black immigrants also make up “10.6 percent of all immigrants in removal proceedings between 2003 and 2015.” There were over 1,200 African immigrants deported in 2014.

In addition, because of policies like ‘Broken Windows’ or ‘Stop and Frisk’ that often cause police to target black communities, black immigrants also can have a higher chance of interacting with police to begin with.

Read more in the original piece by Think Progress here.

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