CAVING requires some serious guts, but unicycle caving is a whole new level of crazy. Combine the risk of being trapped in a small space underground to the one of falling from a one-wheeled vehicle onto rocks and there, you have it.

Regular unicycling looks incredibly technical and physical, but the balance and focus needed to ride the rugged terrain of a cave are even more impressive. “Riding about is second nature, it’s just an extension of my body, […] it’s easier than walking for me!”, explains Tom Luppon. Just looking at these guys riding makes you feel like you’re doing core work.

Even though they remain careful, the passion that drives Steffan Thomas and Tom Luppon is what takes them to push the limit of this unusal sport. “There’s so much stuff underground which is unlike anything else you’ll see above ground, and we just have to unicycle it!”

Feature image: kfsk casual photography

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