BEFORE the travel restrictions imposed by President Kennedy in 1963, crossings between Florida and Cuba were extremely popular. Since the Cuban Missile Crisis, however, travel from the US to Cuba has been officially limited to family visits, educational or religious trips, humanitarian efforts, journalism or government business.

Even though these travel restrictions have always been difficult for the Federal Government to enforce, when in December 2014, the Obama Administration made efforts to restore diplomatic relations between the two countries, consequently easing the travel limitations in place, number of Floridans saw an opportunity not to be missed.

Half a dozen companies have expressed their interest in restoring the popular route. One of them, CubaKat, is planning to offer return crossings on high-speed passenger catamarans for $380 starting December 2015.
Despite their enthusiasm, no licence has yet been issued for ferry service to Cuba from the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

In the meantime, Travel website CheapAir will start a US to Cuba via Mexico booking option this Thursday that will allow travelers to reach Havana in 90 minutes from the coast of Florida.

Featured image: AJ Leon

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